Kia ora! Hiyah!

Looking forward to seeing you at Rollickin Dessert Cafe
11am - 10pm (everyday/night)

  • lick our house made organic gelato & sorbet creations
  • check out our Chocolate Tap
  • slurp V6 Organic Espresso's or Affogato's with gelato
  • eat a little 'dessert like' food
  • sit inside or out & enjoy our great playlists

Or book one of our mobile carts stacked full of gelato & sorbet ready to scoop wherever you want us.

Organic goodness & creativity

Let’s talk FlavoursLets talk flavours

We have a changing seasonal menu of
Guest Appearances to keep your lips a smackin’


(Dairy Free)

Pomengranate & Berries
Over a kilo of berries pumped with antioxidants…your skin is going to glow!

Mr Mango
Mango, mango & more mango whipped into a creamy dreamy lick

Lemon, Lime & Bitters
Just like the drink, refreshing, lickable snow.

Crouching Tiger
V6 organic espresso
beaten into a lickable
creamy brew.


(House made with creamy, full of all the good nutrients milk)

Superman Dark Chocolate
Full bodied & strong rich dark chocolate. Super!

Pops Lemon Pie
Real lemons make real lemon gelato, add ripples of house made lemon curd & butter crumbs

Inner Peace
House made caramel, with pinches of sea salt, whipped. Perfect for strengthening your inner yang.

Black Forest
Super dark chocolate gelato, kirsch soaked cherries & house made vanilla sponge

Peanut Butter & Jelly
Fig & Fog peanut butter gelato & house made gooey berry jam

So how good is it?So how good is it?

Our gelato is house made with only the good stuff. Like the organic milk delivered daily from free-range, happy go lucky cows in Rangiora. Organic milk makes our gelato super McDreamy creamy & full of all the good nutrients. Nice one Cows!

Our super charged V6 espresso is organic too.

You may find the odd pip, leaf, pith in our gelato & sorbets. That’s because we love to use real stuff!

Our Mint Chocolate gelato is actual mint leaves infused in organic milk overnight & whipped into it (look for the little leaf green bits!)

Our dairy-free fruit sorbets are made with a hefty kilo & a half of real fruit. Tick! Your fruit intake done for the day.

For our creative dessert concoctions like Banoffee Pie. We start with house made biscuity crumbs & salty caramel sauce & Whittakers Dark Chocolate. Then we go nuts smashin, foldin, ripplein it through banana gelato (made with real banananananas of course!)

Our gelato is super flavoursome & puku filling. Filling because it hasn’t had mega air whipped into it to puff it up & make it go further. (oh no…like everyday icecream).

It's so good you'll just have to try it for yourself. FREE WEE TASTES!

The BasicsThe Basics

How to find us:

Rollickin Dessert Cafe
35 New Regent Street (Armagh Street end)
Christchurch 8011

Phone (03) 365 4811

Open 11am to 10pm everyday/night

How much?

Money is no object with good gelato… but just in case, starting at $5 for the first scoop in a quality waffle cone.

making ContactMaking Contact

Rollickin Dessert Cafe (11am - 10pm)
Ph (03) 365 4811

Catch Jed on 021 214 6631

Tania on 021 78 0278

Find us on instagram and facebook
(we love new friends)

We lova a good do!We Love A Good Do

Enquire about having your next party, office shout, event, function, shin dig with Rollickin’ Gelato. Fun!